Pierre Charpié, attornay at law

Pierre Charpié

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Attorney-at-law (avocat au barreau +41 79 203 8888) admitted in Switzerland (State of Vaud). Pierre Charpié is a long time supporter of new technologies, a conciliator and a transactional lawyer, whose motto is: "any deal, anytime, anywhere". He was the first lawyer in the State of Vaud to be fully computerized (in 1983) and involved in research and partnership between the public and private sector. In 1974, he made his first lawyer's oath to be registered with the Bar of Geneva and since 1977 he is registered with the Bar of the State of Vaud (Lausanne).  Attorney Pierre Charpié assists and advises individuals, associations, corporations, hedge funds, family offices, foundations and trusts, coordinates and supervises all kind of negotiations, proposing workable and practical solutions and defends individual freedom, free speech, intellectual rights, privacy link to new technologies and advocates for transparency. Pierre Charpié's wide international experience and his roots to a country known for its political stability, consensus, and discretion with a very strong history of professional secret, makes him an invaluable asset as an advisor, an advocate of ideas and new technologies issues, to any company or individual involved in domestic and international Investment, Trade, Finance and Criminal Laws situations, especially link with high tech and new technologies. In 2002 Pierre Charpié published a book on International Business Transactions titled "Introduction to the International Anti-Bribery Laws, FCPA, OECD Convention and OECD Member States New Legislation, Analysis, Comparison and Risk Management". In the mid 1990 Mr. Charpié went to the USA to complete two LLM’s at Fordham University In New York, one LL.M'95 in Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance Law and a LL.M'96 in International Transaction and Business Law. He has also a bookkeeping degree (1971). Pierre Charpié especially enjoys helping entrepreneurs creating new businesses (private equity, corporate finance, securities and carbon credits exchanges). He uses and advices on new technologies issues since 1983 (at that time he was the first attorney in Lausanne to use a private network). Attorney Pierre Charpié is also committed to pro bono cases to help disadvantage people because he believes that lawyers have to be "in the services of others".

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